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FAN Mail

Jack, I found your sweater on Page …  I hope you need your sweater soon! We have a cabin in Pinecrest and live in Fair Oaks, I always get your mag. when I can, for you always have interesting articles. In your Autumn issue I really enjoyed Guardian of the Tree, A Mother’s Search for Answers, Joe Haratani’s story and Historical Haunts. Good writing! — Amy M.


Jack’s sweater is on (redacted, top secret until December 15) … I so enjoy your magazine and wait for each new issue. — Ina K., Sonora 


I just wanted to say I read the article you wrote on Alleene Keith (Autumn 2014 issue). “Aunt Alleene,” as she is referred to in our family, is more than a poet & a master seamstress, she is an entertainer, a storyteller, our family historian, a funny joke teller and one of the kindest people you can ever meet. I am so glad the rest of your readers can meet her! — Debbie G.


Want to thank you for the wonderful Friends and Neighbors Magazine. I just moved to Mountain Ranch six months ago and found this very informative and loved all the stories. I love this community and places to go every weekend, so much to do up here. And the slower pace of life is just what I needed compared to the Bay Area. Life is good! Keep up the good work. — Shannon B., Mountain Ranch


All the stories and photos are superb. — Tim F., Gardnerville


Thank you for publishing this magazine.  It’s the best reading from cover to cover. — Virginia E.


FAN is great! —  Susan D., Pinecrest


I look forward to reading each edition of FAN and learning so much about the people in our area and services available to us SENIORS.  Thank you for being inspired to initiate this wonderful magazine. —  Marion N., Sonora


Yesterday I was handed a copy of your magazine as I visited the Quilts of Honor workshop near Valley Springs. A group of us from Antioch stopped by to help celebrate the four-year anniversary. That said, I brought your magazine home and spent part of this afternoon reading several of the articles, and I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed them. It has been some time since I visited the area covered by your magazine. I think a mini vacation would be lots of fun. Thanks for the publication. It is well done. —  Margaret A., Antioch  


Picked up your magazine at my dentist’s office in Twain Harte. I have been in Tuolumne County nearly 50 years and your articles about Fitness & Health, Community, etc. are wonderful. I even read the advertisements and enjoy them. Many of the people and places are very familiar … Please keep up the good work in “Friends and Neighbors.” — Joyce M., Twain Harte  


Sonora’s Jim Grinnell sends greetings from Maine, wearing — of course — his Friends and Neighbors hat. Thanks for spreading the word, Jim!

I want to thank you for the wonderful article about Laura Persson in your summer edition.  I know everyone will enjoy reading her inspiring story.  I have started getting calls from many of my friends who were so pleased to read about her.  You did a marvelous job putting it all together.  Your magazine is full of inspiring stories, each one is so unique  and informative. Thank you for all you do to give our community this treasure called Friends & Neighbors. —Marcie W., Sonora 


While enjoying your magazine, I thought of a school project my young daughter was given; a family tree. Luckily, my grandmother was able to answer some questions. As we sat and listened to stories of old, all of our faces shared the same look of fascination. This is some of what we found out: my daughter was talking to her great grandma, and that was a good start. And going back a few generations wasn’t hard for grandma. Then she got out some papers that dated back to 1770. 1770, when Manuel Butron, a Spaniard, sailed from Spain to Mexico. He went with Father Junipero Serra and also planted the first pears on land called The Rancheria Del Carmelo. He also helped build the Carmel Mission. Manuel Butron married a local Indian woman off the Las Virjenes Reservation. And so it goes on, that’s how I myself have Native California ancestry, as far back as time, here in California.  —Clint P., Calaveras County


I found your magazine while visiting Murphys – and I am very, very impressed by your work – the quality, the content and the passion you clearly have for the topic of elders in our community. I am a writer and blogger on the topic of optimistic aging, and speak on the subject at various functions here. I also serve on the Sacramento County Adult and Aging Commission –  I plan to take your magazine to show folks this month. Nothing here comes close. I can’t even read articles in the 2 senior publications in Sacramento – they are very inadequate and amateur.  I am a keen critic of writing and publishing – so I expected to find a “small town” magazine when I picked up Friends and Neighbors  … I was so happily surprised. Congratulations and kudos on your quality work! I will spread the word about your website! —Darby P., Sacramento


 I’m really excited with each new issue of your magazine. Thanks! I have learned so much about our community, with all the great people, places and things. —Sandy F., Sonora


At age 65 and 63, David and I want to embrace this season of our lives with the same enthusiasm and intention we did previous seasons.  Each time we visit our son, Ben and our daughter-in-law, Clare, we are inspired by the stories in FAN.  They are about folks living life to the fullest no matter their age or challenges.  FAN is a celebration of these lives and encourages community which is a great need in our present society. Though we live in Columbia County in Oregon, we are looking forward to being FAN subscribers. Thanks for your dedication to your community. — Gail and Dave H., Oregon


It was my pleasure to meet Mr. Hoffmann (“The View from 103,” Summer 2011 issue) when he visited Carter and Washington counties in Northeast Tennessee! He had a wonderful visit as we were both guests of the families of 90-year-old twins who were celebrating their birthdays. I appreciate your sending the Summer 2011 edition … I especially enjoyed discussing Bill’s new iPad and iPhone! Regards and continued success. —Dr. Phil Roe, Member of Congress, First District, Tennessee


We love reading your magazine whenever we find it in waiting rooms, etc. But we know that we sometimes miss issues if we don’t happen to be in the right place at the right time. So we would like to join your FAN Club. I am enclosing our check for two years’ subscription. We look forward to the next issue. —Janis O., Angels Camp


This is a fine magazine and I read all of it. I compliment you and all the writers. —Lois R., Twain Harte


Enclosed is a check in the amount of $20.00 for a subscription … My husband and I enjoy your magazine very much — it is filled with great information for seniors! — Faye P., Angels Camp


Thank you ever so, as Marilyn Monroe says! We love the magazine. —Elaine H., Lancaster


Got our copy in the mail yesterday —read it from cover to cover, and enjoyed every page. Especially Ben Bateman’s story on the 103-year-old! Renewal enclosed! — Vi O., Sonora


I first must congratulate you on a very informative and interesting publication. Of special interest to me was in the winter (2010) issue the story of Dorothy Moulthrop and Cowboy. Several years ago I spent eight weeks in rehab for an infection in my hip … What a joyous day when I first met her and Cowboy. It surely brightened my day and made the rest of my stay much easier. I looked forward to the visits of the therapy dogs coming as well as their owners who were so willing to share their stories about their dog and group. Keep up with the good work … — George P., Sonora


I just discovered FAN (the Winter 2010-2011 Issue). What a wonderful magazine. Loved all the articles, especially the one about friends “The Hatmakers” … Also enjoyed the challenge of finding Jack’s “squeaky ball” … I’m hooked and want FAN delivered to my home. — Mary B., Groveland


We find your magazine very inspiring. — Hiltje J., Sonora


The magazine is a joy. Loved the picture on page 24 (Sonora Music Federation photo, Autumn 2010 issue). —Mary A., Columbia


Wonderful memories. Love it! — Kathy T., Florida


So delighted with each issue of FAN. You do such splendid work. Keep it up! — Sandy G., Sonora


I just read the article about the USS Enterprise. I’m excited to give it to my dad, he had been a gunner on the Enterprise during some of those battles. Great job! — Jean J., Sonora


In my search for Jack’s biscuit I read the most entertaining, lighthearted and humorous stories. I loved Ron DeLacy’s Fanfare story about the revival of his handsome smile. The Greener Senior answered a few questions I’ve been pondering regarding my new composter and garden. Stories like “Remember When” featuring Camille ‘Mickey’ Nichols warmed my heart and caused me to think of my parents. Then there was the feature about online dating and “Sex and the Savvy Senior”! … Start my subscription. I’m a fan. —  Lynda D., Sonora


FAN arrived today, and I’m already enjoying reading “within my age group.”  Thank you for a very fine publication! — Margaret H., Copperopolis


I just want to add my sincerest thanks and compliments for the work that you have accomplished with each issue of Friends and Neighbors. I’ve read every issue cover to cover, checked out the advertisements, and the names of those who have added their talents to the compilation of informative and “fun-to-read” stories of local folks. — Fran T., Sonora


I have never found a magazine as inviting, as interesting, as colorful, and as beautiful as this one … All the magazines have been as I first described and if you ask me to pick the nicest one, I would not be able to. I enjoy it! —  Andjelka R., Angels Camp


From your first edition, I knew I’d be a fan for time to come! What a great job, digging into the natural resources of our wonderful community. You’ve struck gold — the human element kind, the vein that will never expire. The heart-warming stories have been captivating. Each one, including the contributing features, has revealed new, fresh knowledge for your readership … It’s amazing to me that a magazine of this caliber hasn’t found its way onto the newsstands long before! Keep up the fine work you and your staff are doing. FAN has a great future. —  Sandy G., Sonora


I’ve read and enjoyed every issue for free. Now I want to give you a little support. — Dorothea A., Sonora


Still am excited about your magazine. Hope we can reach even more senior folks. —  Pat B., Sonora


My friend, Dorothy, editor of Prime Time … wrote me to say, ‘I am impressed with Friends and Neighbors Magazine. It’s a wonderful publication and I really enjoyed reading it.’ Now we are known far and wide! She also wrote, “How much effort and time you put into publication — very few realize it.” —  Bettie R., Sonora


Thanks for sending me the magazine down here in San Jose. Enclosed is my subscription renewal. You’re doing a great job! —  Molly M., San Jose


The December issue was delightful (not because I was in it!) Now that you introduced me to FAN, I look forward to the next issue. Everybody at Skyline is raving about your latest … Keep up the good publishing! — Kathryn P., Sonora


Keep up the good work. The magazine is great! —  John and Leona K., Sonora


Picture David and me, standing up and applauding … your magazine is so well done. Congratulations! It is a resource that is needed in every county, not only to connect folks, but to celebrate the richness of our seniors. We live in a small community filled with folks who have had experiences we need to hear about. These same folks can experience isolation simply by not knowing about the resources available to them. Your publication targets both of these needs and much more. We appreciate the time and passion this took. It is inspiring. — Gail and Dave H., Clatskanie, Oregon


Read the article about John Leslie … I also sailed on the USS Bennington, CVS 20. I was in HMR (L) 163, the only Marine squadron ever to be stationed aboard. We were aboard in 1960-’61. Nice article by my neighbor Matt Personius too. Nice little magazine. — Glenn B., Sonora


Cannot tell you how much I and other staff members enjoyed looking at the issues of your magazine that was dropped off at the office today. Definitely loved all the veterans information. And as a social worker in this county now for 15 years, the Transportation Guide is so needed. Will be sending in for my subscription and a gift one for my neighbor. Well done, well layed out and love the big print for these senior eyes. — Pat N., Sonora


I picked up your magazine today … I was impressed! Great magazine! —  Craig A., Sonora


Congratulations! You’ve succeeded in providing Tuolumne County with a much-needed and outstanding publication. Friends and Neighbors is well-designed, well-written, quite sophisticated and very interesting to read. I applaud you and your team. — Irwin S., Sonora


We are a county of at least 30% seniors, many of whom have been lured here as a wonderful place to retire. All seniors have a story to tell. As Tom Brokaw’s book, “The Greatest Generation” indicates, our seniors are of a special ilk. The “Remember When” and the “Veteran” stories in this magazine are so very fascinating. The sections on “Fitness and Health” and “Safe, Sound and Savvy” are full of wonderful information, not only for health issues, for other ideas including financial protections. I must not forget the “Community” section which rounds out the magazine with more stories and all kinds of information. The first two issues had cover stories that needed to be in print, and are informative, delightful and charming. You might think this magazine is only for seniors. Not at all! Several of my not so senior friends, when shown the magazine, were fascinated, and someone said that it is inspiring. You are to be congratulated for such a unique and interesting publication. — Shirley S., Jamestown


Your magazine is like a breath of fresh mountain air. I work for Community Home Care as a home health nurse. My patients love your magazine, and so do my colleagues. I brought a copy home, and my husband and I enjoyed poring over the stories. We love the variety of articles, which are nicely balanced with tidbits on health, local resources, community news items, and memories of local history. It’s wonderful to have such a high-quality periodical published locally. Thank you for your hard work and research! We look forward to the next issue! —  Renee M., Sonora


Thank you for a great magazine. I thoroughly enjoy it. — Georgette B., Monterey