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Safe, Sound and Savvy

Tips for Seniors Escaping Wildfire

Wildfire is a frightening prospect for Tuolumne County seniors who live in heavily wooded areas, particular in oh-so-dry 2008. Here are a few tips on escaping wildfire, gleaned from material provided by the California Department of Aging and the American

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Your Money: Q&A

By Richard Carty, CPA Did you know that 10,000 “Baby Boomers” in this country are becoming eligible for Social Security every single day?  We could all use more information on money and tax issues, but perhaps no one more than

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Protecting Our Elders: Defining Abuse

When Suzy Hopkins approached me with her plan to start a magazine dedicated to seniors in Tuolumne County I was very excited. Our county has a significant senior population with diverse experience and needs, and the magazine sounded like a

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