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Friends and Neighbors Magazine ended publication with our Autumn 2017 issue. Thank you for reading and supporting our community magazine for the past decade. This website, an archive of FAN stories, will continue indefinitely.

Suzy Hopkins, Editor/Publisher

FAN Ads Connect with Consumers Who Care

If your business wants to reach foothill residents ages 50 and up, Friends and Neighbors Magazine is simply the best choice. Our full-color quarterly is top quality, with great stories, eye-catching design and a meaningful connection to the region’s boomers and seniors. Surveys show most FAN readers keep each copy for months, refer back to it often and share it widely.

  1. FAN is a highly readable, information-packed resource with a long shelf life. Our glossy full-color ads offer lasting value. Advertisers’ names and web links also run on this information-packed website. And half-page or larger print ads receive a free click-through display ad at
  2. FAN is the region’s only magazine focused on issues affecting seniors, boomers and their families. Our tri-county region (Tuolumne, Amador, Calaveras counties) has a population of about 136,000, and nearly 50% of those residents (66,000 in all) are 50 or older. Over the next 20 years, that already sizable boomer-senior population is projected to increase dramatically.
  3. Distribution is highly targeted. We place 60% of copies in public places like medical offices and retail locations. Research shows that per-copy readership is 6 to 7 times higher in these locations, up to 12 or 14 readers per copy. Plus, FAN reader surveys show that most readers share their copy with two or more other people, which increases your ad’s viewership. Our 2016 survey found that 26% share it with 4 or more people.
  4. Our ads are competitively priced, with a 15% discount for a one-year contract (four issues). Ad design is fast and affordable through our partner firm, Columbine Designs of Sonora.

Please call (209) 536-1755 or email for rates    


Tuolumne, Calaveras and Amador counties have a combined population of more than 136,000. Nearly 50% of those residents are 50 or older, and 30% are 60 or older, census figures show. Demographics are similar in adjoining counties (Mariposa, Alpine, Stanislaus) where we also distribute FAN.

FAN connects with boomers and seniors in a direct and meaningful way. We hear from readers daily about FAN’s quality and value in their lives. That’s why circulation has doubled since our 2008 launch.

Readers Value FAN …

A 2016 survey of 209 FAN readers confirms that readers value the magazine and consider it an essential community resource.

“Very well-written, excellent info, just a great resource.”
“I love reading about people my age. Great community info.”
“The articles are interesting and well-written. Always learn new things from each issue.”
“The stories are so interesting and I like to keep up with what is going on locally.”
“I love this magazine and feel it really gives seniors motivation to stay active.”
“It’s a beautiful magazine with lots of information.”

“A wonderful gift to the community ~ coveted!”

… And Advertisers Benefit

Just as our 2013 survey showed, the 2016 survey confirms that readers still refer back to each issue multiple times, share their copies, and take action as a result of reading FAN ~ including contacting FAN advertisers. Simply put, readers consider FAN an essential guide to community activities and business services:

  • 72% of readers share each copy with 2 or more people; 26% share it with 4 or more people
  • 40% attended an event as a result of reading FAN
  • 17% contacted an advertiser as a result of reading our magazine
  • Many also marked that they took “other” action. Some of their notes: ‘talked with people about articles,’ ‘shopped at advertisers,’ ‘volunteered,’ ‘shared helpful articles,’ ‘visited points of interest,’ ‘attended classes,’ ‘helped fire victims,’ and much more.

Ad Deadlines: Six Weeks Prior to Publication

Spring Issue (circulates March 15-June 15): ad deadline Feb. 1 

Summer Issue (circulates June 15-Sept. 15): ad deadline May 1 

Autumn Issue (circulates Sept. 15-Dec. 15): ad deadline Aug. 1 

Winter Issue (circulates Dec. 15-March 15): ad deadline Nov. 1 

Ad Sizes, Design Specs

Submit your art as a digital file, in the sizes shown at left, by email to 

We are PC-based. Native format is Adobe InDesign and CorelDraw X4. We accept PDF, JPEG, EPS, TIFF. No native files please.

All images should be CMYK, 100% size at 300 dpi. All fonts should be embedded or converted to curves or outlines. Adobe Photoshop color ads should be CMYK (fine black type should not be built of all four colors, K [black] only, please).

Line art or bitmap scans should be 1200 dpi and placed at 100%. Color and Grayscale scans should be 300 dpi placed at 100%. Color should be converted to CMYK. We accept thumb drives, CDs or DVDs. If you email, do not send anything over 9mb. Over 9mb please call or email for FTP instructions.

Ad design costs $50-$150; logo and photos services are available for an additional charge. Major changes to an existing ad cost $50-100. For more information, call Dave Bonnot or Judy Stoltenberg at (209) 533-0883 or email them at

The Power of Magazine Advertising

Readers often tell us they “can’t wait for the next issue,” “read it cover to cover,” or simply, “I just love your magazine!”

That emotional connection and strong reader engagement offers great opportunities for advertisers when paired with our local, highly relevant content.

The Association of Magazine Media publishes a report that confirms what our own surveys find: Readers love magazines and take action as a result of reading them. Read the national report here: 2016/17 Magazine Media Factbook.

By the way, how long does the average reader spend with a magazine? Nearly an hour.


Please call (209) 536-1755 or email for rates