Finding Your Fit

By Friends & Neighbors September 15, 2017 21:27

David Keller encourages students in his Tuolumne exercise class

Exercise therapist David Keller shares his three top tips for making fitness a way of life:

Don’t go it alone. Find a friend or a group of like-minded people to create accountability. Most people thrive on companionship and support.

Think big picture. Health is not just exercise. Consider the many elements that go into creating a healthy lifestyle. Are you getting quality sleep, eating well, taking your medications and vitamins? You don’t have to be perfect, but the more of these aspects you address the more satisfying the results.

Remember that every day is an opportunity to begin anew. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a workout, or two, or even 10.

Focus on your successes. Dwelling on failure only perpetuates a self-image of failure. Just begin again, and again, as many times as it takes. That’s how I define success!

Keller with the Reagans

David Keller, 62, previously owned a Washington, D.C. fitness company and was an exercise therapist to several U.S. presidents. Now semi-retired, he teaches Personalized Group Exercise in Tuolumne and Posture Perfect Aging in Sonora.

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By Friends & Neighbors September 15, 2017 21:27
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