The Forgetful Frog #29: Adjustments

The Forgetful Frog
By The Forgetful Frog May 25, 2017 15:59

I just woke up from a nap. I spent a few minutes lying in bed, and the tears began to roll. They came, in fact, before I even had a reason in mind. Of course, I am never at a loss for explanations. I am lonely, because my husband is away on a fishing trip. I can’t watch my favorite movies because he took the DVD player with him for a presentation. I tried a bit of crocheting, but my shaky hands made it more frustrating than enjoyable. I could go on with a long list of trivial nuisances. But my damaged brain has finally incorporated an important notion into my daily interpretations: pseudobulbar affect. Are you as amazed as I am that Dragon got that right on the first try?

I learned about pseudobulbar affect from my sister’s husband, who is a practicing neurologist in New York state. It still takes me much longer than I would like to bring it to mind, when I am almost overwhelmed with sadness. I still spend a long time reviewing all the possible reasons, and therefore, possible solutions, to my tears. Am I lonely? I see friends so very much less than I used to. Should I call or email my sister? Am I depressed by my inability to find something meaningful to do? Is it simply a drastic case of boredom? Well, there’s a long list, but those are always at the top.

As time goes on, pseudobulbar affect comes to mind more and more readily. This is another in a long list of hard-earned realizations and adjustments. When I remember the damage to my brain is causing my tears, I can move on without continuing to try and solve whatever problem is making me cry. By forcing my mind to go forward, I can, eventually, stop crying. And, in this case, do a bit of writing, to calm my nerves. Now, I think I’ll eat a peach. And maybe try once more to crochet.

They say, as a Golden Doodle, I’m probably going to grow up to be about 50 to 60 pounds.

Now that I’m a “big” boy — eight weeks old and a whopping six pounds — I got picked up from my birth family in Stockton yesterday about 6:00 PM, and earned my first merit badge for being an excellent car passenger on the ride to my new home. Of course, it was pretty easy, riding in my new mom’s lap and getting cuddled the whole way.

I don’t know much about much of anything yet, but my new bro, Elmo, is teaching me as best he can. Stairs are bit of a challenge to me, and I’d rather go up them than down them. On the down side, the occasional face plants are sorta embarrassing.

I got a lotta exploring to do around here, and I’m slowly figuring stuff out. There’s some really cool toys to play with here and my new bro doesn’t mind sharing with me. There’s also tons of great stuff to chew on. Elmo is even trying to teach me to play fun chasing and running games, but I pretty much suck at most all of it, cuz I’m still kinda little and my legs don’t always go where I want them to. As much as Elmo tries to show me, I think he just thinks I’m kinda stupid or broken and just don’t quite work right, yet. But I’ll show him as soon as I get a little bigger.

I’m liking this place a lot, and I think they like me a lot too, cuz I’m a REALLY sweet boy, in spite of my undeveloped athletic skills.

An animal writes about animal rights:

I may be covered with fur
And unable to read a book
But the issues do not really blur
If you take a long careful look.

I’m a dog and you may be a cat,
I don’t really care about that.
Clean air and water we need
In order our babies to feed.

People think they own the world,
As soon as their flags are unfurled.
But the ability to sign your name
Doesn’t mean the earth you can claim.

Rose Oaks is a foothills resident in her 50s who writes with the help of a computer tablet and speech-recognition software. She hopes that her notes on coping with disability will help others facing difficult challenges know they are not alone. Read more Forgetful Frog blog posts at this link: Readers’ Journal.

The Forgetful Frog
By The Forgetful Frog May 25, 2017 15:59
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