The Forgetful Frog #28: In Celebration

The Forgetful Frog
By The Forgetful Frog January 4, 2017 12:23

forgetful-frog-image3-300x2301-300x230-132-1I think I have written about this before, and I’m certain many others have done so. If you decide to be something, to have a “career,” you can become that thing.

Here is what I am talking about: I love writing and I am trying to get into the habit of thinking of myself as a “writer.” Now, of course, if you aspire to brain surgery, this strategy will get you into all kinds of trouble! But if assembling words in such a way as to express yourself and/or entertain others is your heart’s desire, then, by all means, consider yourself a writer!

I am a writer.

I cannot even begin to express the comfort, elation, accomplishment, and simple good feelings this statement affords me. I admire a great many writers, and I would never presume to put myself in their company, artistically. Also, I have an extremely limited range of writing. I seem unable to write about anything other than my own experiences. That’s okay with me, though, because my writing is primarily for myself. I hope there are others out there who may enjoy my words, or perhaps find encouragement in them. If you told me, however, that no one would ever read what I wrote, I would still write it!

In fact, I have written reams of pages, over the decades, which were, indeed, seen by no one else. Ever.

But today, I am celebrating the sharing of my writing. I am having a private celebration of my blog! That’s because I hope, so strongly and sincerely, that it may be helpful or entertaining to others. I repeatedly become lost in searching for helpful pastimes. (Dragon thought I was searching for helpful Palestinians.) I think I have written this before, and my editor may even decide this is too redundant to include. I suppose I am writing, once again, about the joys of writing, because I hope other people may find the same solace, and be encouraged to try it. (Dragon thought I said I found writing “soul-less,” which I suppose it can be. I just felt like sharing a couple of Dragon’s foibles. Just for fun!)

As you can see, I am in a cheerful mood today; downright playful, I suppose I would say. No idea why, but if I could isolate the reason, I would certainly cultivate it!

My sis makes a beautiful quilt.
For that, I am not really built.
I play with words,
Some say it’s for the birds,
But I don’t really feel any guilt.

We all have our ways to relax.
Of stories and poems, I have stacks.
Almost every day,
I try to crochet,
But my shaky hands it does tax .

Teresa has talent and smarts
When it comes to the visual arts.
Also, she plays bassoon,
On saxophone she can croon ,
In ensemble, she can play all the parts.

As girls, we played lots of games.
I don’t remember the names.
In winter built snowmen,
–What perhaps was an omen–
One Halloween, her hair went up in flames.

She’s always been a bright light,
A hundred fireflies in a dark night.
She’s clever and kind,
You’d have to be blind
Not to think she’s a beautiful sight.

My sister says a poem she can’t write
Which gives me a secret delight
She’s smarter than me
And I rarely see
Examples where I have insight.

She says she can sew a quilt
For which I was definitely not built.
For needles and thread
I do not have a head
And they make my artistry wilt.

My sister has always been clever.
My achievements are pleasing but never
Seem to compare,
I would not even dare
To match her begin to endeavor.

Fortunately, I love her so much
That creativity, writing, and such
Make a good glue,
Our connections renew,
And help us to keep in touch.

To be continued…

forgetful-frog-image3-300x2301-300x230-132-1Rose Oaks is a foothills resident in her 50s who writes with the help of a computer tablet and speech-recognition software. She hopes that her notes on coping with disability will help others facing difficult challenges know they are not alone. Read more Forgetful Frog blog posts at this link: Readers’ Journal.

The Forgetful Frog
By The Forgetful Frog January 4, 2017 12:23
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