“Woodpile Babies,” by Janet Wilmeth

By Guest Contributor December 15, 2016 17:08

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wilmeth-woodpile-babies-photo-editedWoodpile Babies

By Janet Wilmeth

A black and white feral stray cat had been hanging around for weeks. One evening I looked out on the porch and she was there with several kittens. I put some food out for the family and soon more kittens appeared. Because mother and kittens were all feral I couldn’t get near them, so I watched through the patio door. Each time I put the food out I would talk softly to the mother cat, telling her what lovely children she had.

One morning not long after the kittens appeared, I found her sitting by the patio door. I opened it and said, “Hello Momma, what do you need?” She didn’t run away but looked at me, then looked away. I could tell she was not well by the way her body swayed and wobbled. I stepped out and she walked a few wobbly and weak steps ahead, stopping every few steps, looking back to see if I was following. She did this until she reached our woodpile.

There she stopped, looked at the woodpile, then back at me a couple of times, as if saying, “My babies are there. Can you take care of them?”  I told her I would do that for her and with that, she wobbled away into the tall grass. I never saw her again.

Later that day, my husband donned his thick welding gloves and proceeded to gently take the woodpile apart. Inside he found five very young, very wild kittens. Momma cat had just given us a special gift. She knew she was dying and had come to ask if I would take care of them.

It took weeks to tame the kittens and even longer before they allowed us to pet them. I found a home for one but the remaining four became part of our other rescue family— one found in a tree, two found along a busy highway, one showing up at the door starving, one trapped in a swamp cooler.

One day, they all showed their loyalty to me for rescuing them. I had tripped and fallen onto the concrete spa deck, taking a very hard one-point landing on my wrist. There was no doubt; I had broken my wrist. I couldn’t get up and called and screamed for my husband to help. He was far enough away that he couldn’t hear me, but those cats could. They came and made a circle around me meowing and yowling as loud as they could. Unfortunately, their yowling and my yelling didn’t work, so with great effort I scooted my behind over to the spa steps. With my good arm and hand I pushed and pulled myself up to the first step and managed to get up from there, taking my dangling wrist to show my husband. Next came the agonizing four-hour wait in the emergency room to learn what I already knew. I had broken my wrist.

I have heard of dogs helping their master when accidents occur, but never of cats doing the same. I may have rescued all of them, but that day they all came to my rescue.

By Guest Contributor December 15, 2016 17:08
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  1. Judie January 28, 14:54

    What a beautiful, sweet story!!! I love it!!!!

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