“Xena, the Warrior Princess,” by June Vaughn

By Guest Contributor November 7, 2016 17:05


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Xena, the Warrior Princess

By June Vaughn

We just said good bye to one of the most unforgettable dogs that we have ever owned. She came into our lives in a very unexpected way and stayed with us for almost six years.

“We just found this poor little old black dog in the river canyon and took her to animal control. Could you please come down and see her?” This was the message left on my phone one day from my friends, so I went down to take a look. There in the cage was the most pathetic-looking creature that I had ever seen. She was bone thin with a huge tumor hanging off of her stomach. She greeted me with a tail wag and a very distinctive sparkle in her eyes. The staff at animal control said she could survive but was too old to be saved. I left with a very heavy heart, thinking how could someone have abandoned this poor old dog?

During the next few days while at our vet with one of our other dogs, I mentioned this poor old dog that had been rescued. He said he would stop by and take a look at her and it was then that things took a very unlikely turn. We discovered that her tumor was not malignant but that she had a bladder full of stones.

She was a fighter and was responding to food and care, but was still slated to be euthanized. I decided there and then to foster her till she was stronger and then find her a permanent home. My husband was not keen on the idea of another dog, but there was something about this little dog that made you want to fight for her. She became Xena, the warrior princess.

After coming home with us and getting back on her feet (paws), she came through her surgery with flying colors. By then she had entrenched herself in our hearts and home and became a part of the family. Being a terrier (or terrorist) through and through she ruled with an iron paw. But we loved her spirit and spunky attitude, so when it came time to say good bye, it was a tearful and very difficult decision.

She lived to be between 17 or 18 and even her last trip to the vet was a howling protest all the way. We had her for almost six years and we miss her every day.

We loved you Xena, the warrior princess (not the cat, he was always getting harassed).

(A special thanks to Dr. Marvin Ordway for all his help with Xena!)

By Guest Contributor November 7, 2016 17:05
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  1. Janice carabine December 22, 20:31

    I am
    Glad I was able to meet Zena and photograph her for you . Senior dogs rock !

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