“Usso’s Story,” by Pam Dobbs

By Guest Contributor November 7, 2016 16:21

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Usso’s Story

By Pam Dobbs

I am a retired teacher. Prior to becoming an educator I was a professional dog trainer. Although teaching full time, in 1993, a German multimillionaire, Dr. Wilfried Voigt, heard of my training and convinced me to train a dog of my choosing for him. The only stipulation being he wanted a pitbull mix. This story is about how “Usso” came into my life. She was extraordinary in her ability to learn and her near-human personality. We were together eighteen months.

Christmas, 1994, found Usso in Germany with Dr. Voigt. I wanted to send a gift to them, hence the enclosed story. In my third-grade class at the time was an exceptional little girl, Melinda Aguilar. I employed her to be my illustrator. My daughter, Katy, helped with a few rhyming words. The result was Usso’s Story, in book form originally.

Thank you for this opportunity to share Usso’s and my story with you.

This is a story
I’m writing in rhyme,
About a dog named Usso
I’ve been commissioned to find.

I looked in the papers,
I called all around,
There were no pups any where
Except in the pound.

Usso as a puppy

Usso as a puppy

Poor little doggie,
The ugliest curr…
She had squinty eyes, a pudgy
Body, black and brown fur.

She sat in the corner
Away from the rest,
Proving to me
This doggie was best.

I said “That’s the ONE for me!”
Then I had to find
The poundmaster and his
Big brass key.

Sprung at last,
The doggie’s free
She can come home
And live with me.

A bath is in order,
Her fur smells like poo-poo,
After her treatment
She’ll look like Miss Foo-Foo.

Two days later
The fun has begun…
When asked to “come”
She thinks she should run!

Usso now thinks
She’d like to start dating,
“Quick, Dr. Frank, fix her
Before she starts mating!”


One of Aguilar’s illustrations

This little dog
Challenged Kismet,
And got sent to the vet.

Undaunted, she’s back,
And a hunting she goes,
Mistook the oleanders
For a box of oreos.

Confined to the house
Her prey has diminished,
Toilet paper rolls
She fights to the finish.

Her watching and guarding
She considers a pleasure…

To help in her efforts
She takes mommie’s treasure…
To see her is quite a sight,
Usso with mommie’s eight inch knife!

Dobbs with illustrator Melinda Aguilar, 1994

Dobbs with student illustrator Melinda Aguilar, 1994

We once had a couch,
A beautiful couch
Dear little Usso ripped it to pieces
And made it say “Ouch!”

Don’t knock at the door,
You’ll be met with a bark,
You think it’s a dream…
Usso “the land loving shark!”

Now that she’s older
And grown worldly-wise,
She lies at the window
Upon the neighbors to spy.

Her lessons are over,
She’s preparing to fly,
And Pam, the hardhearted trainer,
Can’t hide the tears in her eyes.

Dr. Voight with Usso

Dr. Voight with Usso, 1994


By Guest Contributor November 7, 2016 16:21
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