“Upcountry Mountain Lion,” by Kat Everitt

By Guest Contributor November 7, 2016 16:27

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everitt-cougar-editedUpcountry Mountain Lion

By Kat Everitt

mountain lion haunts my dreams
crossing Omo Ranch Road near 88
not growling – no, no threat, not a bit –
broad daylight through carpets of
that parkland of mountain misery,
second growth trees and some late
wildflowers not well seen and yes,
simply in our sight – we being downwind
from his rangy so truly tawny and lean
maybe mean, but now, sauntering self –
each huge paw lifted quietly across road
carrying his wild, wild spirit over.

my fellow takes a photo or two
mountain lion never looks our way –
knows all about cars and people and such
and does not care a whit –
he is going somewhere looking cool
not even stealthy like preying on any
living creature here in the streams of sun
through the endless Upcountry evergreens…
he knows full well somehow, yes, we can
see, he knows this El Dorado Forest
though his range is bigger than any
boundaries we made or will ever see.

he disappears as mountain lions do
having moved on by us more slowly than
I ever knew possible or saw in all my old
love of wilderness crossing human life –
his beauty, his handsome coat and muscles,
his sinews articulated in his walk the way
a dancer would dance should he learn
the ways of wild and free as he can be –
given that we are here and he is here
in this dance with him, he being the more
full of grace and style and the glory
of all the right moves.

we leave Omo Ranch Road no wiser,
no more capable of being wild or knowing
who we saw or what we witnessed and why
he was here in the sunshine and why we saw him

first and could be silent for a change, having this
time with him that we never had before…
down 88 a ways we stop at the Ranger outpost.
we show our photos and the men are excited and
wonder where he’s been and is he a ‘he’
for after all, we did not check that out.
then one asks us where do we think he is now?
he’s coming your way, I say.


By Guest Contributor November 7, 2016 16:27
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