“Raven,” by Sydney Taylor

By Guest Contributor November 7, 2016 17:00


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By Sydney Taylor

My toy poodle, Raven saved my life and extended the life of my Border collie, Miles.

I was a dog trainer for fifteen years and trained and competed with large dogs. I had a Doberman named Sheena in the 80’s and then I found out about Dog Agility when she was gone so I adopted Tess, and Australian cattle dog because I heard they were good at the sport. She loved agility, and earned scores of ribbons and titles.

While I was volunteering at the Humane Society I found out about a Border collie puppy who had been abandoned in his yard. When I saw him I knew he was to be my dog. We took classes in obedience, Rally obedience and Agility and he was excellent in everything. He was my perfect dog and companion.

When miles was 10 I went through a difficult divorce, moved to a new place and lost Tess to old age.

I did not know how much all these changes would affect Miles, but found out the first time I left him alone in our new home. When I returned I was shocked to see that the carpet by the door was pulled up and books and papers were thrown all over the house. When I took Miles to the vet I found out that he had separation anxiety, because of all the losses and changes he had gone through.



The vet prescribed Prozac, and someone else told me about Rescue Remedy and Thundershirts. Nothing helped. I could not leave him home by himself, even in an outside pen. He was only happy when he was with me or in his crate in my car. After six months of this I decided he needed a canine friend.

I found out about a toy poodle who was for sale. When I saw him and looked into his dark eyes I thought he was my dog.

He was a fuzzy, black, ball of love and he liked Miles. After the shock of a wild puppy jumping up on him, Miles got to relax with him. I could leave Miles home alone once again, and gradually took him off Prozac.

Raven helped me get through a difficult time in my life. Just watching him play made me feel better. He loves balls and he made up his own tricks, like putting a ball in my house slipper and then flinging the ball across the room.

Raven is the most sweet and loving dog and brings laughter and happiness to everyone he meets.

I took Raven on a plane trip to Florida last December. It was his first trip in a crate under the seat. He did very well in the airports and waited until we got off the plane in Florida to use the first lamp post outside to relieve himself.

Raven goes with me for Sunday services at Unity Spiritual Center. He sits on my lap until I let him down to greet everyone. I’m in the process of getting his Emotional Support Certificate. He is always by my side giving me emotional support.

We lost Miles two years ago to cancer, blindness and hip dysplasia, and I still think of him every day. I am so grateful that I had Raven with me at the vet’s on that sad day, and on all the days after.

Raven is my best friend and I am so glad the he is with me. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him.


Sydney and Raven



Miles and Raven








By Guest Contributor November 7, 2016 17:00
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