“Hailey the Rescue Dog,” by Bob Turney

By Guest Contributor November 7, 2016 17:03


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Hailey the Rescue Dog

By Bob Turney

Hailey was the fourth Labrador I have had in my life, although my first chocolate Lab and smaller at only 55 pounds, but she had every bit of the Labrador charm, loyalty and social attributes. As you can tell by my past tense referrals, after 13 years of friendship, I recently had to say goodbye to her after she came down with a horrible abdominal bacterial infection, but she is no longer in pain and playing with all the friends she has met and have gone before her. My story is a recent one though and has to do with her wonderfully friendly behavior toward other dogs.

The first life Hailey saved was that of our 13-year-old black Lab Sierra. Sierra was not doing well at all with many signs of arthritis, but when we brought Hailey into the family, Hailey rarely let her rest and Sierra enjoyed a lot of fun times with Hailey until we had to tell her goodbye at nearly 16 years old. She left this world enjoying a T-Bone steak with Hailey.

Almost two years ago, Hailey and I went through the horrible trauma of divorce and relocation, although our relocation was to the Sierras, so not too bad for either of us. Specifically, Pine Mountain Lake in Groveland, California at the North Gateway to Yosemite National Park where I purchased an outdoor supply store and she would welcome all the customers who came to call. We also, of course, enjoyed many hours of hikes through the mountains, rivers and lakes. As a matter of fact, the environment was so good for Hailey that she no longer needed the food allergy medication she was required to be on before, nor did she need the expensive special dietary food she was on. The lack of stress and love of God’s great outdoor wonders, was great for both of us.

One late night (after midnight) when we were on our way home from my girlfriend Cheryl’s house, we came across a man waiving a flashlight to stop traffic on the two-lane road. There was one car already in front of me when I asked what was going on. He said there is a dog loose on the road and he had been trying for over an hour to catch it and bring it to safety. You see, the Sierras are not a safe place for a domesticated dog to be running loose in the woods at night, because there are many wild animals that would not hesitate to end their romp in the dark. I looked ahead and saw a very young, but full grown (100-plus pounds) black Lab having a very fun time running around on the road and staying out of reach of anyone that would end his freedom. As I sat there in my truck with Hailey, I turned to the man and said, “Wait!” I opened the door to my truck and said to Hailey, “Go play with a new friend!” She immediately jumped out of my truck, ran directly to the playful loose black Lab and they instantly became friends and started sniffing every body part, which made it easy for the pursuing gentleman to walk up, take the young black Lab by the collar and begin looking for the proper owner, thus saving its life. From that day Hailey was known as “Hailey the Rescue Dog!”

Hailey was a wonderful friend and compadre. She saved me from my days of solitude and always put a smile on my face. She will be sadly missed, but I will never forget how she saved Sierra and the young, fun-loving black Lab that night.

Thanks for allowing me to reminisce and share Hailey’s story. It was a wonderfully memorable experience.


Bob and Hailey

By Guest Contributor November 7, 2016 17:03
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