Four Dollars

By Guest Contributor November 21, 2016 09:36

dollar bills

Four Dollars


By Laurel Leslie


I made a mistake on my taxes
The mighty amount of four dollars
The IRS took a very dim view
Why, I could almost hear them holler

Four dollars went off in the mail
Feared what the IRS might decree
Then a four dollar and one cent check
Was sent in the mail back to me!

I thought out loud, “Now what do I do?”
For the IRS does take a very dim view
I got on my knees; began to pray
That this mistake would just go away

Typed letters and phone calls and faxes
Were dispatched about those darn taxes
I began to bicker and bicker
My file grew thicker and thicker

Why, I fretted, I sweated, I stewed
With heartburn and angst I was mired
But when Mr. Trump arrived, I knew
He’d say to the IRS, “You’re fired!”


By Guest Contributor November 21, 2016 09:36
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