“Meeting the King of Beasts,” by August Ogg

By Guest Contributor October 28, 2016 14:37

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Meeting the King of Beasts        screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-9-51-40-pm

By August Ogg

Ever had one of those days that if you did not tie your shoes you would trip and fall? That is, if you never tied your shoes.

A few years ago, I had some very serious back problems. My Grandmother Carol and I would drive to Goodland, Kansas every week to get chiropractic treatment. That morning it was foggy and I turned my headlights on. The trip took a couple of hours, so going was slow. It was early morning and with fog you are required to turn on your lights. I do not know why they have you turn them on, when they do not help during the day.

By the time we got to Goodland it was clear. We were early. A great time to have breakfast and walk around until our appointment. Back when this took place they did not have all the bells and whistles to let you know you had something left on in your car, like your lights. We had a couple of hours to kill and so we went to breakfast. After breakfast and a walk, Grandmother Carol and I went to our appointment to find that I had left on the lights and the battery was dead. We had no jumper cables. We asked the man parked next to us if he could give us a jump. He looked to find that he had none. I told Grandmother Carol that the next truck that came through the drive thru we would ask him if he had any and give us a helping hand.

I stopped the first truck that came through the drive thru with a tool box in back. As I walked up to the passenger side of the truck, the man rolled down his window and asked what I needed. Now, when these two men came through the drive thru I had no idea what was between them. There were two very large paws of a male lion appearing on the window frame of the truck. Then, came the eyes so beautiful, big and yellow green in color looking at me. Those big paws resting on the window frame, breathtaking just to be right there to touch, pet and to put your fingers in his mane. Yes, I got to pet that beautiful king with no fear in my heart at all.

What surprised me the most, was that these men had ordered hamburgers and fries and drinks and were eating in front of this beast and all he did was to lie back down on the seat. Not even trying to take what they were eating. He must have been well fed before going out in public.

These men helped us that day. Even though Grandmother Carol would not get out to see or pet this beautiful beast. They told me that they raised all sorts of cats, like the panther, mountain lion, tigers, and the one that was in their truck. They made a living raising them for zoos and placing them where that type of cat was gone or very few were left in their natural habitat. They would train them for zoos so that they were easy to handle. The others were taught how to survive in their  natural habitat. They had them priced at five hundred dollars by the time that they were eight weeks old for the zoos. And at least six months old for the natural habitats that they would go to. They also sold them to the public as pets.

This is the day you make a decision to keep your grandmother around or lose all your friends forever. This is when Grandmother Carol asked me if I wanted to see her again. Well you know what the answer is. So, no I did not buy a cat. But the fact that, with all the other wildlife that I have gotten to pet, or come close to, I will keep this in my memory until I am no longer on this earth. One that I will be able to tell to my grandchildren. Maybe as a bedtime story.

By Guest Contributor October 28, 2016 14:37
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