Mind Orts from Marj #11: Why Is Everything So Complicated?

By Guest Contributor September 19, 2016 10:51

Why Is Everything So Complicated?

By Marj Stuart

I had another long phone discussion with a young
woman at my bank yesterday. I couldn’t make
her understand what I needed help with. I
probably sounded like a blithering idiot, assuring
her that I couldn’t bring up a new screen without
shutting off the computer, which would
automatically end my session with both my
account and her. She kept insisting that she could
only help me get to my computer cookies if I
brought up this other screen while I was still logged

It didn’t help that I kept trying to figure out what
cookies had to do with computers and couldn’t
pay full attention to what she was saying. It also
didn’t help that I was using my husband’s
computer, which is nothing like mine, and he’s on
an extended vacation with friends in Hungary; the
only instructions he left me were how to start the
computer, how to shut it down and don’t do either
except in a dire emergency.

I had to use his computer because it’s hooked up
to a printer that will print out my statement in a
usable format – my computer is hooked up to one
that cuts each page into four screens of very large
print, and . . . . But that’s a whole other story and I
don’t want to confuse anyone with details about
how that happened.

I assume that by now you realize this is not the first
time I’ve had extensive and unfruitful phone chats
with various staff at my bank. I just hope and pray
the bank doesn’t have the authority, like the DMV
does, to judge my cognition, and based on that
alone, close my account or recall my checkbook
and driver’s license.

By Guest Contributor September 19, 2016 10:51
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