Mind Orts from Marj #10: Measuring Up

By Guest Contributor August 12, 2016 15:33

Measuring Up

By Marj Stuart

My life is so cluttered with challenges that I
rate how well I handle each and add up the pluses
and minuses at the end of every day. Take last
Thursday, for example, when I took my husband
to the airport, a 90-minute drive from where we

I was halfway home when I realized I didn’t
know where my credit card was. I give myself a
plus each time I think about its location so long as
it’s before I’m standing at the head of a long line
of customers waiting to pay for something I can’t
do without for another minute.

I remembered seeing the card at the Costco
gas pump. I had just pushed it in and out of the
machine when I realized I needed another hand to
fit the nozzle into my gas tank. I looked for a safe
place to stow the card. The next thing I remember
is replacing the gas cap and climbing into the
driver’s seat, empty-handed. That was 45 minutes
ago – a minus for sure.

The car behind me honked – the light in
front of me was green. Sorting out choices is not a
good time to be behind the wheel with the car in
motion, so I made a sharp right, looked for a
shady parking space, turned off the engine and
totted up my points. The quick turn into a safe
haven cancelled the green light stall. I was
breathing hard, but I hadn’t screamed and felt no
other sign of total panic – another plus.

I dumped the contents of my purse on the
passenger seat – no card. I searched every nook
and cranny inside the car, then got out and
popped the gas tank cover just to make sure – no
card. I took three deep breaths to force extra
oxygen into my brain. My choices – backtrack to
the gas station at breakneck speed and look for
the card before someone finds it or race home and
call to see if anyone has turned it in – 45 minutes
either way. I took three more deep breaths and
realized neither choice was too likely.

I sighed, yanked the scarf from around my neck,
wriggled to adjust the rest of my clothing to get as
comfortable as possible, and slid behind the wheel.
I looked to make sure nothing would catch in the
door – not significant enough for a plus– and
noticed a card lying on the pavement. Of course –
the only possible place to stash it was in the elastic
waistband of my pocketless slacks. No matter how
you look at it, I came out a winner that day.

By Guest Contributor August 12, 2016 15:33
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