A Glass of Wine and an Empty Chair

By Guest Contributor August 18, 2016 19:19


A Glass of Wine and an Empty Chair


By Laurel Leslie


A glass of wine and the empty chair,

I will not look, I will not stare.

My husband has left me, my heart is laid bare

for the love of my life who sat in that empty chair.

A tear may fall, there may be a glare,

as my gaze descends upon that empty chair.

No tales to tell, no stories to share,

a glass of wine and an empty chair.

For now I sit in my beloved’s chair

A new beginning? Somewhere out there?

A glass of wine I sip and stare

at what has now become my own empty chair.


FAN reader Laurel Leslie wrote this poem as she grieves the loss of her husband, who died earlier this year of prostate cancer. A grief support group has helped her begin to deal with the loss of the man with whom she shared a business, a home, morning walks and an early evening glass of wine.

“There were a lot of discussions about forming new memories,” Laurel says. “I advised everybody in the bereavement group to sit in that empty chair – it’s too hard to sit and look at.”

Find a list of free grief and health support groups in our Resource HQ section.

By Guest Contributor August 18, 2016 19:19
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