The Forgetful Frog #22: Creative Journaling for Pets’ Sakes

The Forgetful Frog
By The Forgetful Frog July 7, 2016 16:53

forgetful-frog-image3-300x2301-300x230-13Creative journaling is an actual thing,
Oh, the joys that it can bring!
It can help you see clearly
And appreciate more dearly.
And about life, it can make you sing!

You just need to open your mind,
All the material you will find
In your daily events,
It makes perfect sense
Whether or not all the stars are aligned.

Your story needs to be told!
You don’t need to be very bold,
You just need to write
Your joys and your plight
Before to remember, you have grown too old.

Follow your heart; it knows where it’s going.

Ever since my forced retirement, I have struggled with my wish to be useful and helpful. I have a soft heart. Truthfully, it’s a bit too soft. It wants so much to be helpful, but is daunted by facing the problems it wants to fix. Hungry children, homeless families, species facing extinction. Oceans polluted, rainforests becoming deserts. I think people who study public policy, as I did for my masters degree, can sometimes be prone to a picture that is too big to address.

After months of wavering, it’s time for me to pick a line and stand in it. I have always known that the most motivating cause for me is helping animals. I have been paralyzed by my feelings of guilt for not placing hungry children above dogs and cats.

Today, I realized that helping dogs and cats is, in the grand scheme, helping needy children. Children need animals, and animals need children. And doing something is vastly more helpful than doing nothing. The bottom line is that my heart can help animals, but is overwhelmed by needy children.

Finally, I have realized that helping animals is my calling, and if everyone follows their calling, the world will find its way.

So, here’s a thing. As usual, I am writing to figure something out. I love writing. Actually, creative journaling, specifically. Aside from my dear family members, I have one other love, and that is animals. I am now pondering how I might be able to put them all together.

I would love to help others find the solace that I find when I write. This would help them, and also help me feel useful. I would not need to be paid, but I would request that clients donate to the humane society in Tuolumne County, California ( any amount, however small or large.

I am thinking about writing groups and individual coaching services. I could do it by phone or in person, here at my house. The goal would be helping people express themselves, and do the soul-searching necessary to accomplish that goal. We could also talk about how they might like to use their writing. For example, they may want to share it with a small group of loved ones. They may not want to share with anyone. Or, they may want to put it on the Internet, with or without their name attached.

Especially for people who have not done a lot of writing, a kind reviewer could be helpful in building confidence and finding the most satisfying form of writing. I have certainly spent thousands of hours writing for myself and also professionally, first as a university-based fundraiser and later as a personal historian before I began blogging.

11615443 - group of cats and dogs in front of white background

Are you ready to write? We’ll wait. Go ahead, email Froggy.

Because I am working hard to compose this short essay while correcting Dragon dictation, it occurs to me that I could also help disabled people find the best way to write, given their limitations. Some people might even want to create voice recordings, rather than writing.

So, there it is, my latest meandering into the world of trying to be useful. Would you like to join me? Please email me at and we’ll get started!

To be continued…

Rose Oaks is a foothills resident in her 50s who writes with the help of a computer tablet and speech-recognition software. She hopes that her notes on coping with disability will help others facing difficult challenges know they are not alone. Read more Forgetful Frog blog posts at this link: Readers’ Journal.

The Forgetful Frog
By The Forgetful Frog July 7, 2016 16:53
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  1. Hot and Skinny August 29, 15:13

    Forgetful Frog,
    You’ll know that this is my first communication with you and I hope to have more. A first comment would be that you are so fortunate to be able to write, blog and journal and make so much sense in that readers can follow your thoughts. I speak for those of us who have a hard time writing greetings in cards that we send. You have the ability to make sense and leave us with the urge to read more. I will certainly do that with #1 to #23 of Forgetful Frog.

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