The Forgetful Frog #21: Cultivating Courage, Entertaining Hope

By Friends & Neighbors May 12, 2016 20:51
 The author, who asks to remain anonymous, is a foothills resident in her 50s who writes with the help of a computer tablet and speech-recognition software. She hopes that her notes on coping with the physical and emotional aspects of disability will help others facing difficult challenges know that they are not alone. Read more blog posts from Forgetful Frog at this link: Readers’ Journal.
By The Forgetful Frog

Froggy needed a cane
About which he tried not to complain
The doctor said it could
Be metal, or if wood,
He should not take it out in the rain.

He practiced with his walking stick
But using it was quite a trick
He bumped and he stumbled
He grumped and he grumbled
Of practicing he became sick.

He was cursing and making a fuss,
Since much like any of us,
He wanted to run,
And found it’s no fun
Always taking the bus.

Eventually, he mastered the cane
And from cursing began to refrain
He walked up and down
With nary a frown
And could even go out in the rain.

I am cultivating a type of courage, with regard to walking. I have fallen a couple of times, and not been injured. It hurts, and it’s shocking, but I have not sustained any actual injuries. I try to keep this in mind, when I am practicing walking with my cane. Once again, I am reminded of a quotation, which I think was Teddy Roosevelt: we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Walking again is the most important thing for me. It is even more important than not falling.

I confess, I have begun to entertain the hope that this modest blog of mine might someday grow up into a short book. I think the point of the book would be acknowledging the difficulties of disability, its common-ness as we age, its unpredictability, and the many ways we all might cope. I am becoming intrigued with the notion of possibly providing one more person’s perspective and perhaps even a bit of humor and encouragement.

It’s a beautiful day outside. My husband left early this morning to float and fish on a nearby river. I am in my cozy room, enjoying the sunshine streaming through the windows. My small collection of China teacups and teapots looks beautiful on the sunny windowsill. I am curled up in a soft blanket, watching the mobile that my sister sent, which hangs in a corner. The beautiful paper cranes are drifting in meditative circles.

Froggy loves a good word game.
Cane aside, winning Scrabble, he feels less lame.
It may sound absurd,
But the longer his word,
Inferiority becomes more tame.

He likes triple word scores the best.
To this addiction he has confessed.
He loves Xes and Zees
It’s like a disease,
Which no doctor has ever addressed.

Language, he thinks, is an art.
Proverbial horse, along with the cart.
Without words, after all,
Civilization would stall,
The human race would be torn apart.

Language is like a religion
Even if your English is pidgin,
Words reflect kindness.
I think you will find this,
If compassion you have just a smidgen.
To be continued…


By Friends & Neighbors May 12, 2016 20:51
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  1. Joy May 13, 15:10

    Dear Forgetful Frog,

    You have such a talent with your words! I’m so happy the froggy can go out in the rain with the cane! The forgetful frog is such an endearing blog to read! It is appreciated. Keep up the excellent work!


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