Mind Orts from Marj #8: Who’s Getting Old?

By Guest Contributor April 28, 2016 15:40

woman looking into mirrorWho’s Getting Old?

By Marj Stuart

At my semi-annual checkup last week, the
doc asked me if I’m having trouble
recognizing friends’ faces.  I thought for a
minute. I often notice changes in a face I
don’t see every day, but I chalk this up to my
friends’ aging, not my own.

Yesterday my daughter e-mailed me some
of the photos she’d found at her dad’s house.
He was the official picture taker back when
we were a family.

There’s oodles of them, Mom, she said, and
most I’ve never seen. When I opened the e-
mail attachment, I didn’t recognize some of
the settings but had no problem identifying
the two blond cherubs featured in most of
the shots. My girls were even cuter than I

The last image was of a woman in a vaguely
familiar dress standing at a kitchen sink. That
long orange scarf around her neck would
surely get in the way while cooking dinner or
loading the dishwasher I thought. She
definitely looked out of place.

I peered more closely at her face, young and
blond like any other California chick. She
looked a little like me without glasses,
although I don’t remember ever wearing my
hair like that. Who is she, I asked my
daughter when she phoned, one of your
dad’s old girlfriends?

My daughter giggled. You’re kidding, she
said, you really don’t recognize yourself?
After we hung up, I glanced in the mirror
and shook my head. Whose aging can I
blame this one on?

By Guest Contributor April 28, 2016 15:40
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