Mind Orts from Marj #7: What Happened to Mellowing with Age?

By Guest Contributor January 8, 2016 10:53

boxing glove, punching bag

What Happened to Mellowing with Age?

by Marj Stuart

It began with a growl. In no time
growling was my favorite voice exercise and
the recommended 10 reps weren’t satisfying. I
caught myself voicing another one or two
growls each time I passed the cat.  Instead of
blowing a shrill toy whistle to startle the
woodpeckers off the roof, I leaned out the
open window and growled at them.

Next came the wooden sword my tai
chi instructor said would make the new
routine more challenging – as if keeping
track of two arms and two legs, each with its
own set of moves,  wasn’t enough. But I have
to admit, lunging with my saber thrust
forward fully extended gives me chills.

I suppose it was inevitable that the
punching bag hanging in the corner of the
dance studio where we practice tai chi would
get into the picture at some point. Three of
my buddies started staying after class to slip
into boxing gloves and dance with the bag. It
does wonders for your balance, said one,
while another helped me don her gloves to
try it out.

Here I am, well into my 70s with a
lifetime spent as a wimpy yet fanatic pacifist, 
anticipating the rush that only throwing
another solid punch into a 200-pound bag of
sand that feels like concrete delivers.

This week I started sneaking in to practice
throwing a few punches before anyone else
gets there, so my reputation doesn’t get
completely shot.


By Guest Contributor January 8, 2016 10:53
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  1. Froggy January 4, 14:26

    LOVE this! Thank you so much for sharing!

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