Best Advice: Grandkids, This One’s for You

By Friends & Neighbors September 15, 2015 09:17

grandma giving adviceDo you have some advice for your grandchildren? We thought so. Now, what’s your best advice, the wise counsel you’d like to impart to the younger generations in your family?

We asked attendees at the 2014 Tuolumne County Health Fair to share those thoughts. Here’s a sampling:

“Be responsible for your own happiness. Don’t wait for opportunities, make them.” Donna Grimsley, 69, Sonora

“Do not hold back because you are afraid you will not seem ‘cool’ with your friends. Go for it – give it your all regardless of how silly or strange you may look to others.” Cynthia Doyle, 57, Sonora

“Start saving money as soon as you can. Save money every month for your future retirement. A little bit every month will add up to a nice future.” Jackie Sample, 71, Groveland

“Develop a relationship with your grandparents. They are a wealth of advice and family history, and are great listeners and supportive of you and your various activities and interests.” Mary Freer, 74, Jamestown

“Get all the education you can. Learn to learn and you can get everything you want out of life.” Sheryl Breaux, 65, Sonora

“Always be able to look in the mirror and smile. Don’t forget who you are, your true authentic self. Have fun. Choose wisely. God always puts a few wrong people in our lives so that when the right one comes along, we can tell the difference. In every negative, there is a positive. Don’t forget to look for it.” Terri Victorino, 54, Sonora

“Be kind and thoughtful to yourself and others.” Eleda Carlson, 67, Groveland

“Do your very best in everything you do and be kind to everyone even if you don’t particularly care for them or they aren’t nice to you. Maybe you will change someone’s life.” Kathy Sells, 68, Sonora

“Always ask questions – there are no stupid questions. We are all always learning.” Shana Wren, 54, Sonora

“Remember that grandparents love you for you, good and bad. Keep close to them, but don’t use them against your parents. Your relationship with your grandparents can be one of the most defining experiences of your life. They can be your most valuable source of advice and support – work at it!” Ira Uslander, 81, Sonora/San Diego

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By Friends & Neighbors September 15, 2015 09:17
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