Harley Goes: Six Degrees of Separation

By Guest Contributor December 7, 2014 02:05

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By Harley Goes

Our road trip started in San Jose, California and took us all the way north to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. On our way home we took the ferry to Port Angeles, Washington where my wife’s mother grew up and went to a nursing school there in the late ’30’s. We went to the city hall to find out where the school was located so we could drive by and take some pictures.

The woman at the counter said we were in luck because the building was scheduled to be torn down in two weeks. She also said it had been converted to a YMCA many years ago. Then she asked us why we were so interested in the school.

My wife explained that her mother had graduated from the nursing school and showed the clerk her mother’s school yearbook. The clerk asked if she could take a look at the book. As she was paging through, she came to the page that had a picture of the doctor who was the president of the school.

The clerk looked at the picture, then looked at us and said, “That’s my Dad. I have never seen this book before. Would you mind if I make a copy of it?” Of course we said she could. We were just so pleased we were able to make a total stranger so happy.

My wife also had an older brother who died at birth and was buried in Port Angeles. We looked in the Yellow Pages for cemeteries. There was a public cemetery and a Catholic cemetery. We decided to check the Catholic cemetery first.

The lady at the cemetery looked in her big ledger and found the entry for my wife’s brother and the location of his grave. She also mentioned that the name sounded familiar because someone had replaced the weather-worn sandstone headstone with a new headstone. I asked if that information was public information. She said it was, and looked up the name of the person who replaced the headstone. My wife recognized the name of the family immediately. This couple was best friends with her parents when they lived in Port Angeles.

We drove back into town found their phone number and gave them a call. A woman answered and when my wife told her who she was the woman said we just had to stop by for a visit. As we drove up to the curb in front of the house the woman came out of the house.

When she saw my wife she said, “You look exactly like your mother.” We stayed at their house for several hours visiting as the woman explained that she and my wife’s mother had been friends since kindergarten.

Harley Goes lives in San Jose, California.

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By Guest Contributor December 7, 2014 02:05
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  1. Dick Guertin December 11, 22:30

    Harley, that’s a fantastic story. Have you read any of mine? See the Website address.

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