Time to Quit Driving? Top 10 Signs

By Friends & Neighbors December 15, 2011 11:04

These questions, offered by the California Department of Motor Vehicles and Highway Patrol, can help seniors and their families assess driving abilities and determine when to give up the keys:

  1. Do you feel uncomfortable or anxious at the wheel?
  2. Have you found unexplained dents or scrapes on your car?
  3. Do you drift across lane markers or into other lanes?
  4. Do other drivers frequently honk at you?
  5. Do you get lost in familiar places?
  6. Do you find it hard to turn your head to check over your shoulder?
  7. Are friends and relatives reluctant to ride with you?
  8. Do you often forget where you parked your car or forget to buckle up?
  9. Is it hard to see pedestrians or other cars at night?
  10. Have you received two or more traffic tickets or warnings in the past 24 months, been in two or more accidents, or had two or more “close calls” over the same period?

    While most drivers occasionally experience one of the above signs, seniors should be wary when they encounter multiple signs, or experience one of them on a regular basis.Still in doubt? Ask a friend or relative about your driving abilities, and whether quitting would be a good idea. Afraid to ask that question? Then quitting is probably a good idea.

By Friends & Neighbors December 15, 2011 11:04
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