Survey Finds FAN Readers Love to Share

Suzy Hopkins
By Suzy Hopkins March 15, 2017 21:18

What do readers think about our quarterly magazine? And how do they use it?

That’s what we wanted to learn with our most recent readers’ survey, completed by more than 200 people at the Tuolumne County Health Fair, the Friends and Neighbors Expo and at our website,

We learned that readers view FAN as an essential community resource that gets them moving, talking, shopping and sharing.

Forty percent of respondents attended an event as a result of reading FAN. Seventeen percent contacted an advertiser.

Many took other actions as well. Some of their comments: “talked with people about articles,” “shopped at advertisers,” “volunteered,” “shared helpful articles,” “visited points of interest,” “attended classes,” “helped fire victims” and more.

Seventy-two percent of those surveyed share each copy of FAN with two or more people, while 26 percent say they share it with four or more.

About 55 percent refer back to each new issue three or more times; 13 percent return to each issue five or more times.

Finally, we asked readers what they like most about FAN. Some of their comments:

“Very well-written, excellent info, just a great resource.”

“I love reading about people my age. Great community info.”

“The articles are interesting and well-written. Always learn new things from each issue.”

“The stories are so interesting, and I like to keep up with what is going on locally.”

“I love this magazine and feel it really gives seniors motivation to stay active.”

“A wonderful gift to the community – coveted!”

Thanks to everyone who participated. As we enter our 10th year of publication, we will continue to focus on connecting readers with community resources, business services and each other.

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Suzy Hopkins
By Suzy Hopkins March 15, 2017 21:18
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